Loose Moose Movers - Checklist for people on the move!

Have You Disconnected / Transferred These Services?

  • Telephone
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Paper Delivery
  • Foxtel
  • Lawn Mower Man
  • Pool Cleaner

Have You Notified Your Change Of Address To The Following?

  • Post office (mail redirection)
  • Bank
  • Electoral register
  • Home & contents insurer
  • Car, caravan or boat insurer
  • Life insurance company
  • Superannuation company
  • Private health company
  • Children’s school & sporting clubs
  • Club & gym memberships
  • Publications that you subscribe to
  • Employer

Things To Do When Moving

  • Order boxes and packing supplies ASAP – to get ahead start on your packing
  • Are all your appliances un-plugged and disconnected ready for the move
  • Separate the “Not Going” items
  • Separate your personal items you will need on the day of the move
  • Dismantle furniture that needs it
  • Disconnect your washing machine pipes and place inside washing machine
  • Advise us of any large or heavy items (pool table, pianos, antiques & spas)

Things Not To Do

  • Do not put breakables in draws
  • Do not put liquids in draws
  • Do not over load draws
  • Do not water plants / pots a couple of days before the move
  • If going to storage, do not pack perishable foods (fruit, vegetables, cereal, flours etc)

Top 10 Packing Tips

  • Start packing early with items rarely used
  • Make an inventory of all cartons and their contents (mark the destination of the box and most important “this way up” stickers and FRAGILE tape if needed)
  • Use towels and linen to protect fragile goods when packing into boxes
  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes
  • Use plenty of packing tape, especially on the bottom of the boxes
  • Tape remote controls, cables and any nuts, bolts or screws to the item
  • Use your luggage for clothing and other things to prevent wasted space
  • Remember the essential items that you want immediate access to, along with important documents should be packed and taken with you in your car
  • Pack a small box (and mark) with all the essentials you will need for immediate use in your new home, including toiletries, a change of clothes, medicine and toilet paper
  • Keep a small tool kit handy for re-assemblingfurniture

One Last Look Before You Go

  • Anything left behind
  • All mains turned off
  • All windows and doors locked
  • All old house keys together to be handed in

Loose Moose Movers will be happy to help with all of the above if need be! Remember to confirm your settlement day and also confirm with “Loose Moose Movers” that the settlement time is in timing with the pickup.  Thankyou & Good Luck!